Joanne Blake has painted and drawn from an early age. She has produced many works of art, from pet portraits and wild animals in their habitats through to abstract shapes, people and landscapes. She has developed her own style of painting using texture and bits and pieces to give a 2D effect allowing the observer to experience the art through touch as well as sight envoking an emotional connection to aspects of your life. Jo learnt alot of her techniques through practice and experimenting with every day objects and how they can effect the look and texture when used to paint with, or included in the paint. Jo completed a foundation course in Art and Design at Buckinghamshire university, "it really opened my eyes to the way we see thousands of images every day and how they can affect our moods, buying trends, self image and how we see others. Art and Design strikes up conversation, stimulating debate and bringing people together to question their surroundings". Abstract art is also something Jo thrives on, giving her free reign to experiment and not be so precious. Fantasy art work is a new adventure which she is currently exploring, so keep an eye on Jo's Blog to see what she is up to. Thank you for your support in her work.